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How To Create a 6 To 7  Figure Speaking
 and Online Coaching Business
Speak. Inspire. Travel. 
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Clients Who've Attended This Training:
“Four years ago Chris introduced me to my first client. Based on understanding and applying his methodology of networking and business development, we now have 80 employees and are on track to earn $10M in just four years. It all started with Chris!”
—Erik H., Founder and CEO of Hawke Media
"I always dreamed about becoming a speaker [but] I never had the right guidance. It wasn't until I met Chris and started with his GPS program that I got going and I already booked two speeches in my first week! I also added an extra 5-figures to my income and am quickly moving toward 6-figures. I also created an online coaching program from scratch and just secured a new client when I visited Dubai.  This has been one of the best investments of my life."
—Dragana O., founder and CEO, Divine Meditation
Who Is Christopher Kai?
Client Testimonials:
Christopher Kai is an entrepreneur, 16-year global speaker, homeless youth program pioneer, and an Amazon #1 bestselling author who has given over 1,000 presentations to a global audience from 30 countries. 

He has shared his keynotes regarding branding, entrepreneurship, sales, the billionaire mindset, and the art & science of successful business relationships with 10,000s of entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals.

His clients include Fortune 500 companies like Google, American Express, New York Life, and Farmers Insurance and the U.S. Consulate. He has been featured on Forbes, Inc. Radio, ABC News, Buzz Feed,, Fast Company,, Huffington Post and Inc. Magazine has referred to him as  "The Billionaire Networker." 

He is the author of 5 books which includes the Amazon # 1 bestseller "Big Game Hunting: Networking With Billionaires, Executives, and Celebrities" which reveals 20 high-level networking strategies based on 20 years of international experience to help you find, engage, and secure more quality clients, investors, fans, and followers.

Christopher also founded Mondays at the Mission, the only homeless youth program of it's kind in the world where their 300 speakers are from 100 different professions and 36 countries. Its program participants have been featured on ABC, NBC, TIME, CNN, People, The Ellen Show, and Oprah.

Speakers include billionaires Elon Musk, John Paul DeJoria and Nicolas Berggruen, Atari founder and Steve Jobs's mentor Nolan Bushnell, MySpace co-founder Chris DeWolfe and world-record holding swimmer Diana Nyad.
“Through Chris and his GPS program I have been able to secure more than $20,000 in keynote speaking fees and 
I have traveled to 7 cities and 3 countries. I also wrote a book 'Money Matters' thanks to Chris's support and encouragement."
—Adam T. , CEO of Century City Wealth Management
"We've been in the GPS program for about 4 months now and we spoke at a Fortune 500 company in Beverly Hills and were featured in Inc., Forbes, and Huffington Post.  We are also speaking at a big nutrition conference in June. It really helped position our brand to stand out from the noise out there. "
—Chris and Eric M., founder of Dynamic Duo Fitness Training 
(1,000+ online training clients)
"Here in Sao Paolo, Brazil I'm actually working on a project that 
was inspired by my interaction with Chris  and part of the GPS program. 
I just wanted to thank you for the support , insight and push you've 
given me  and everyone else that's in the program . You're amazing. 
I know everyone involved  is going to blast off just because 
you have  been such an inspiration. "
—Ernest W., poet and story teller  
"My passion is to become a paid 
professional speaker.  I wanted to join Toastmasters 
but as Chris explained 'that's fine but it doesn't teach you 
how to brand, promote and market yourself .'
His program just blew me away.  I'm so excited and he has inspired me  
to take action.  I urge you guys if any of you have  
ever thought about becoming a speaker , a more effective leader, 
how to brand, market or promote yourself
Check him out.
I promise you it is completely 
mindblowing what you will learn. "
—David W., aspiring professional speaker  
Christopher Kai @ Copyright 2017
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